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Me: What is emotional intelligence to you? How Would you define it?

Marshall: To me emotional intelligence is like a term I call self-mastery. Self-mastery is being in total control of your thoughts and emotions. Once you have self-mastery infinitely greater things are possible. 

Me: Awesome, wow that’s a very cool definition. So how and why do you think emotional intelligence is important?

Marshall: Without self-mastery or as you say emotional intelligence, the challenges no matter how good your tools are, because you are out of control and giving your power away, it impossible to get anything done. 

     A good example, I just saw unfortunately in the news, that Tiger Woods had been arrested, and I don’t know what the cause was, whether it was a DUI or his medications messing with him because he has been going through a lot of surgeries. But you take a guy like tiger woods who was by far the greatest golfer this world has ever seen and he goes through this emotional turmoil he went through regarding his marriage and relationship. And then he never gets his game back.

     Sometimes people think that self-mastery, emotional intelligence, or EQ, sometimes people say, well that’s not real. And if you need an example of the reality of that, take a look at your own life, when your relationships are going well you are in harmony everything is easy and possible. When your relationships aren’t going well, everything’s impossible...Read more...

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 You may know Marshall Sylver as the #1 leading expert on subconscious reprogramming and irresistible influence. For over twenty years, Sylver has entertained, educated, and transformed the lives of thousands of people. He is the author of Passion, Profit, and Power, and through infomercials has sold over a million copies of his personal development programs worldwide.

In fact, his teachings on personal development have been the main attribute to his worldwide acclaim. He has led training programs for IBM, Ford, KFC, and Pepsi, teaching the management of these leading corporations how to motivate employees while also teaching staff how to easily produce higher sales. Sylver has been named “The Millionaire Maker™ and is one of the most sought-after keynote speakers to date.

He has been invited to teach on other speaker’s platforms including: Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Bill Clinton, Robert Allen, and many others. Through education, Sylver motivates people to take action in the present moment and change their lives in a positive way forever. With that, Sylver was itching for a bigger challenge and is now on a mission to win a NOBEL PRIZE for single-handedly turning around the economy of the United States.

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