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What is Zippy Content?

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Who is Courtney Blair? She is:

  •  A gorgeous formal model

  • A lovely wife 

  • Mother of a beautiful young daughter

  • "Stay-at-home-Mom-preneur" 

  • Founder of Zippy Content.

In her Business Zippy Content Courtney helps you create buzz for your business, book, website, or service by finding you podcast interviews within your niche.

Courtney Blair

Creator and Owner of Zippy Content

Courtney Blair

 What is Emotional Intelligence? 

How would you define it in your own words.

In my opinion, Emotional Intelligence is awareness of the beings around you. It’s a level of empathy and understanding that allows you to appropriately interact with all things feeling emotion. Emotional Intelligence is a necessary part of humanity, if you want to experience the fulfilling relationships that come along with being alive, and truly experience life and all it has to offer... Read More here

The Beginning of My Journey
     I was twenty-four years old and pregnant. I mean, big pregnant. I was out of work, bored, and hungry. Not physically hungry (actually, okay, I was also physically hungy), but hungry for SOMETHING. I knew once I had my daughter that I would be chained to my home during the day by a baby, which I was so blessed for, but for someone who has always worked, the sound of that is almost scary...

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