What people want and organization of layout collected or inspired from: 

Phillips, Lorraine. Publish Your First Magazine (Second Edition). N.p.: 360 , LLC; 2 Edition, (May 1, 2015). Print. ISBN-10: 0988953544.

Table of Contents: 

Included are some reasons why people would want these sections or a focus of achievement the section should aim to achieve. 

*Please keep in mind that these desires can overlap, and are simply suggestions for inspiration that not everyone may agree with,

however the majority of people probably would, which is why they are presented here.

A taste of what is to come.

Below is a rough draft layout of the magazine.

Take an informed approach to your emotional health. 

     Inside the pages of Emotional Intelligence Magazine you’ll find invaluable insights into the complex world of emotional intelligence.  Why do we feel and act the way we do?  Are there constructive ways in which to address our feelings, especially as we go about our everyday lives?  Emotional Intelligence Magazine can equip you with tools to healthfully understand and express emotions, making them more constructive and productive to your mission. Put emotional intelligence to work for yourself and reap the benefits of understanding!

Emotional Intellignece Magazine

Emotion Understood