"Maxine Whitfield has written a fascinating narrative about her life as a nanny and how it came about. It is also an important autobiography for anyone who wishes to know how to raise children in this tumultuous information age. Whitfield has provided the reader with a penetrating, moving, and quite entertaining look at what it takes to become a top notch nanny in the United States, especially for a young woman who originally came from New Zealand and had to learn the ins and outs of a new culture and way of life." 

-David Christopher Lane, Ph.D.

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     Maxine Whitfield is a professional nanny based out of Los Angeles. Maxine works with one family at a time in their home and has been doing this for 25 years. She is an expert in her field due to her dedication to her profession, her willingness to learn and her continued education through reading and experience. She has a bachelor's degree in Psychology, is an Integrated Wellness & Life Coach, a property investor and a published author. Maxine grew up in rural New Zealand and ventured over to America on her own at nineteen. She is the oldest of four children.

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Emotion Understood


By Maxine Whitfield


Knowing how you feel is often not as easy as you think. Not only does the past effect the future but so does your emotional wiring from childhood. When you are sitting eating breakfast with your two-year-old you are probably not thinking much about how your conversation, facial expressions, body language and your reactions to what is going on around you are having an impact but, these things send very real messages. Starting from the day you are born you   begin your journey to emotional health. Most likely your parents or nanny will be your primary care giver. Making sure this relationship develops into a secure attachment is crucial because as the national scientific council on the developing child puts it, “Emotional development is actually built into the architecture of young children’s brains in response to their individual personal experiences and the influences of the environments in which they live.”....

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 Parenting Wisdom

 What is the importance of identifying an emotion?

The importance of identifying an emotion is to recognize your body has sent you a message and to understand what that message is. Once you stop, feel the emotion and understand it you can move in any direction you choose and choose your desired outcomes....Read the full interview here

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Maxine Whitfield

Author of "The Elite Nanny: Simple Solutions to Parenting Nightmares"

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