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The book has been written with the aim to provide a comprehensive text to give a detailed understanding of the topic of emotional intelligence. The book has been divided into nine chapters each covering a core aspects of emotional intelligence. One of the most important features of the book is that it provides a new model called the 3S model of emotional intelligence developed by the author.

About the Author

     Dr. Pooja V. Anand is currently Assistant Professor of Psychology at Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi. She has been teaching Psychology for more than eleven years. She is a member of the  Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations, a gold medalist in M.A. Psychology from Lucknow University. Her Teaching and research Interests include Positive Psychology, Social Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management. 

     She has been the paper coordinator for Social Psychology and co-coordinator for Positive Psychology paper for E-pathshala project sponsored by UGC-MHRD. She has also authored modules for these papers. She has been the member of the Core Committee for formulating the syllabus for B.A. honors Psychology, B.A. honors Applied Psychology, and B.A. Program Psychology for the Choice Based Credit System. She has many publications in scientific journals and has authored book chapters for “The Psychological Realm” and “Career Development-different voices different choices”. She has also written articlees in newspapers of national repute like Millennium Post, Free Press Journal and NaiDuniya. She is the assistant editor of the Journal of Positive Psychology published by the Indian Association of Positive Psychology and reviewer for many reputed scholarly journals. She has been invited for talks at many prestigious forums as well as has presented many papers at various national and inter-national conferences. 

     She won the award for the Best Speaker in a scientific session at the International Conference on Public Health, 2016. She is guiding manyPhD scholars enrolled at Department of Psychology, University of Delhi. She is currently the Convenor for Skill development courses in her College and has started many Skill development courses in various disciplines including Psychology like Emotional Intelligence, Personality development and Self-enhancement skills.

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About the Book:

Pooja V. Anand, PhD

Author of "Emotional Intelligence: Journey to Self-Positive"

Emotional Intelligence: From Self-Competence and Social Competence to Self-Positive

Quote: “Channelize your emotional energy to create a positive self” (Anand, 2016)


Dr. Pooja V. Anand

Assistant Professor,

Department of Psychology, Daulat Ram College,

University of Delhi, India.


Emotions have always been given lesser importance as compared to intellect and logic. In our society we are often told to “keep our emotions in check” and that too much emotion will interfere with our rational thinking. There are certain culture specific rules regarding the expression of emotions as well. In contrast, being “intelligent” has always been desirable and lauded by the society. However, with the emergence of the construct of emotional intelligence, it is now being understood that emotion and intelligence are not opposite to each other. Emotions are not disturbances rather they can facilitate our thought....

Emotion Understood